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I am a big surface visual artist – that means I only create what I choose to -, located in the deep places of symbols and materials. I am also an experienced alchemist, who lives a beautiful and rewarding existence, close to the sea of inspiration.

My story is simple, yet sprinkled with whirling sidenotes. Such as making my art come true. Born. Alive. Active. Beautiful. Thoughtful. Loved. Encouraged. Ready to work. Visit my art space, write me, buy my creations.

Please, forgive any trigger you may encounter, and thank you for spending your precious time and money on Benintendi Foundation for Transformative Arts.


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My visions are shaped like my dream

My creations are addressed to people who know or want to know that art is rewarding, and this special gift I received, being a child, from my talented teachers and many others in the schools where I have studied …

Monaco has my heart locked away forever

By its beauty and warm welcome Monaco has my heart locked away forever and so, beyond its strict formality, following a honorable and empowering approval courtesy of the Government …

World Fashion Festival Awards

World Fashion Festival Awards have the great honor to have one of the most talented Italian painting artists attending the festival with 2 extraordinary …


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