Art – The Spiral of Essence

The Spiral of Essence

  • Dimension: 1,8 x 2,2 meters

A possible response brought to man’s sufferings as to small and humble standing before knowledge, a drama reflected by works such as Albrecht Durer’s Melancolia I or Henry Fuseli’s The Artist in Despair over the Magnitude of Ancient Fragments, Rodica Benintendi’s vision goes towards the aftermath of escaping the shackles placed by one’s idols, by the greatness of the preceding by the human comprehension of beauty.

A spell that cannot be ever submitted by mathematics, the creative spirit and its superhuman perception won’t reveal theirselves to us without having us offering ourselves to them. When references become executioners, only by detaching from the pression given by definitions in which man tried to limit beauty, we can now fully surrender to it, feeling its plenitude that ends up elevating us.
In the shadow of Fibonacci’s formulas, we pick the empirical study of beauty, contemplating it, embracing it, living it and receiving it to become integrated in it. Feelings become the new filter towards the outside world, the precision of emotions giving rise to creation. The immense joy of life, elevating it to such perfection before which proportions will always reveal their weakness

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